The noble ideals of Islam should be delivered from home to home: Hossain Mohammad Salim


Hezbut Tawheed's imam Hossain Mohammad Salim said that the noble ideals of Islam should be delivered from house to house to prevent extremism, religious trade, sectarianism. He urged the workers to prepare themselves physically, mentally and spiritually to build a mass movement in Durbar against the extremists.

On 28 February 2023, he made this call in a staff meeting organized by District Hezbut Tawheed at Jessore Zilla Parishad Auditorium. Hezbut Tawheed Imam Hossain Mohammad Salim spoke as the chief guest in the workshop under the chairmanship of Jessore District Hezbut Tawheed President Mohammad Zahir Raihan. The gathering officially started with the recitation of the Holy Qur'an at 10 o'clock in the morning. Meanwhile, the Zilla Parishad auditorium was filled to the brim with the presence of thousands of activists and supporters.

Hossain Mohammad Salim said, today there is an unstable situation in the world. There is oppression of the strong on the weak, conflict on the border, wars and bloodshed. There is no peace anywhere in the world today. Developing countries like us are being victimized by these. As a result, there is instability in the country's politics, a fragile economy has led to record prices of daily necessities, and social crimes are happening more than ever before. In this opportunity, some religious traders, who want to take advantage of religion and politics, extremist groups who want to take the country backward have become active.

He said that Hezbut Tawheed is presenting the noble ideals of Islam to free the people of the country from this situation. We are saying that if the Deenul Haq given by Allah is effectively established in human life, people will get peace, human rights will be established in the world, and economic crisis of people will be removed. Now those who sincerely want the religion given by Allah to be established in human life, they must be united on one word. That is, do not follow the command of anyone except the command of Allah and His Messenger. It is with this declaration that the Prophet (PBUH) united the Companions on Tawheed in the era of Jahiliyyah in Arabia. After that united Companions Rasul (pbuh). Taught strict discipline, taught them to obey a leader. He inspired them to distance themselves from all shirk and disbelief and dedicate their lives and wealth in the way of Allah. As a result, they sacrificed everything in their lives, and being burdened by the enemy, they established the Deenul Haq, which means peace, given by Allah. As a result, such justice, justice and peace were established in the entire Arabian Peninsula that people slept with their doors open, and there was no fear of theft and robbery. A woman would walk hundreds of miles alone, clad in ornaments; There was no fear of losing wealth or honor. Full security of life and property was established. Month after month no case came in the court. People did not even think about giving less in measure or adulterating the food. Government employees were free from bribery and corruption. People's poverty was removed, drinking stopped, people became sane. Conjugal strife was removed and harmony and order were established in family life. The heirs of the property got the right. Obscenity, adultery stopped and people continued to live a holy life.

He also said that today due to the loss of the true ideology of Islam, a class of people called scholars are making a living by trading religion. They continue to use religious garb to create extremist, communal riots in the name of Quran-Hadith. By channeling the faith of religious people in the wrong direction, they are saving their personal interests and political interests. Now when Hezbut Tawheed has entered the field with the true ideology of Islam, these radical, sectarian, religious groups have come down against Hezbut Tawheed. They are trying to create confusion in the public mind by spreading false propaganda and rumors against Hizbut Tawheed by gathering in the name of Waj Mahfil, sitting in places like mosque pulpits.

Addressing the workers, he said, “One must always be alert and cautious about the conspiracies of religious traders. In order to establish Tawheed, one must be mentally prepared to sacrifice one's life as the Companions sacrificed themselves in the past. We need to build a strong mass movement against these radical religious traders with steel-solid unity and mutual brotherhood. Any injury should be patient without being impatient, without being shocked. If anyone is afraid of being attacked anywhere, if any conspirator is trying to create chaos by spreading rumors in the name of Hezbut Tawheed, then immediately inform the law and order forces of the country." He further told the workers, “Even if others try to create chaos, we will not fall into their trap. Don't take the law into your own hands though. But we also have the right to defend ourselves. We have a moral right to protect our offices, homes, property, factories and everything from damage. Be mentally prepared for that.”

Rufaidah Panni, Secretary of Hezbut Tawheed Central Committee for Women Affairs, Chittagong Divisional Amir Md. Nizam Uddin, Amir of Khulna-1 Division. Shamsuzzaman Milan, Khulna Divisional Coordinator Ajmal Hossain, Jhenaidah District President Nuhu Munsi, Khulna District President Md. Amin Hossain, Satkhira District President. SM Noor Alam, Magura district president BM Shamim Ashraf and others. General Secretary of Jessore District Hezbut Tawheed conducted the program.