“Hezbut Tawheed is trying to build a different cultural movement in the country”


The Chairman of Hezbut Tawheed Hossain Mohammad Salim Said, “Hezbut Tawheed has been trying to build a different cultural movement in the country since its establishment. He also said, Hezbut Tawheed has been attacked in various places due to its advocacy of healthy art and culture. A fanatical extremist group called Hezbut Tawheed an atheist, Christian etc. and carried out these attacks. He commented that this group wants to strangle the freedom of cultural practice in Islam.”

He called for a cultural revolution against bigotry. Otherwise, he expressed fear that cultural workers and artists will be attacked from house to house. He outlines six steps in developing a healthy culture including setting specific goals, discipline, loyalty, and taking a stand against sick culture.

He said, Hezbut Tawheed organized many cultural events. Many prominent artists, writers, songwriters, composers and cultural personalities of the country have participated in it.

He said these things in the speech of the chief negotiator of the discussion meeting and cultural program at the National Music and Dance Auditorium of Shilpakala Academy on 24 July 2023 (Monday).

On the occasion of the Eid reunion organized by the Bangladesh Cultural Council, the discussion on the role of the artist society in the development of healthy culture was presided over by the director of Bangla Academy and cultural personality Dr. Shahadat Hossain Nipu.

By Chairman of Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited (Bangabandhu Satellite) Dr. Shah Jahan Mahmud Chairmanship the main speaker was Hezbut Tawheed Chairman Hossain Mohammad Salim. special speaker was Poet and rhymer Aslam Sani.

In the event, the speakers discussed important topics such as the widespread practice of native culture to prevent the invasion of foreign culture, the role of culture lovers against cultural interference by fanatics.

The program was jointly hosted by Manjur Hossain Isha, Shimul Parveen and Jasmine Bonya. At the end of the program, a stage play was performed under the initiative of Mati Music. The play was directed by writer and playwright Obaidul Haque Badal.