Struggle against extremism, religious business and apoliticism will continue : HM Salim


Hezbut Tawheed's struggle against extremism, apoliticism and apoliticism will continue. As long as it is not possible to uproot this extremism, religion business and non-politicism from the soil of Bangladesh, peace will not return to the society," said Imam Hossain Mohammad Salim of Hezbut Tawheed.

He made this comment in his speech as the chief guest at Hezbut Tawhid's Eid reunion and discussion meeting held at Zaheer Raihan Cultural Center in Gandaria of the capital on Saturday (15 Jul 2023) at nine o'clock in the morning.

He said, due to the self-interested radical activities of a class of hypocritical scholars wearing robes, Islam has been smeared today. And because of their unmasking, they are carrying out lies, slander and propaganda against Hezbut Tawheed in Waj Mahfil. He issued a warning to the extremist religious traders saying that there will be no profit in spreading false propaganda against Hezbut Tawheed. Hezbut Tawheed brought truth. The destruction of lies is now inevitable. At this time, this leader of Hezbut Tawheed gave a strong response to the various propaganda of religious traders.

He said that there is a deep conspiracy going on today regarding the beloved motherland Bangladesh, which became independent in exchange of millions of lives in 1971. Hezbut called for Tawheed in the capital in imitation of Westerners.

Before this, the President of the program, Hezbut Tawheed Central Joint General Secretary and Dhaka Divisional President Dr. Mahbub Alam Mahfuz. Hezbut Tawheed Advisor Khadija Khatun, Women and Industry and Commerce Secretary Rufaidah Panni, Rangpur Divisional Ameer Moshiur Rahman, Central Health Affairs Secretary Ummut Tijan Makhduma Panni, Daily Bajrashakti Editor SM Samsul Huda, Daily Desishpatra Literary Editor Riyadul Hasan, Central Publicity Secretary Shafiqul Alam Ukhbah, Advisory Council member Zafar Ahmed, Central Education and Training Secretary Saifur Rahman, Joint Women Affairs Secretary Ayesha Siddika, retired government official Dhrub Pad Pal and others.

General secretary of Dhaka district also spoke on the occasion. Yunus Mia, Gulshan Zone President Farid Uddin Rabbani, Dhaka Uttara Branch President Mostafizur Rahman Titu etc.

Members and activists of Hezbut Tawheed from different districts of Dhaka Division continued to attend this day-long event in groups. All the halls are filled to the brim within the allotted time. Hafez Qari, a member of Hezbut Tawheed at 10 am. The program started with the recitation of Quran by Asad Mia. After that, Hezbut Tawheed's party anthem song 'Allahte Jaar Purna Iman, Kotha Se Musalman' written by national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was performed. After that, the special guests and officials of different levels gave greetings one by one.

At one stage of the program, the chief guest of the program was given a special honor by the Dhaka division of Hezbut Tawheed. In addition, awards were given in total 26 categories including the district branch and individual who sold the highest newspaper on holy Eid-ul-Fitr and Ajha, the district branch and individual who sold the highest publication, blood donor for demented patients, special contribution in agriculture department.

Earlier, documentaries made on Hezbut Tawheed's various activities and multifaceted development projects across the country were shown through multiple projectors at the venue. At this time, a special documentary was shown in memory of Sabbir, a recent student of Chashirhat Nurul Haque High School, Sonaimuri, who offered condolences on his passing away.

Hafez Qari, a member of Hezbut Tawheed, recited from the Holy Quran at the beginning of the program. Asad Mia. At the end of the program, a delightful cultural program was performed courtesy of Mati Music.